My portfolio.

From rebranding to new websites to digital campaigns and beyond, I’ve gathered experience across a variety of marketing subsections. Here are some of my most treasured projects.

New Brand Launch

Late in 2016, company leadership told me that we were to launch a new brand early the next year so that we could begin the process of integrating seven companies into one.

From the logo, to sales collateral, to a new website, to the press release, I was responsible for managing every single aspect of the rebrand.

Without previous rebrand experience, I immediately turned to Google to begin research. I found a detailed rebrand checklist and began quarterbacking the project, aligning key components and timing, all while maintaining an exceptional degree of confidentiality.

After countless late nights and weekend work, we successfully launched the rebrand in January of 2017. The project was a true success and laid the foundation for the further business integrations that were soon to come.

Website Redesign

With more than 30 independent operating companies and an outdated Sharepoint website, the company’s CEO approached me to lead the project of building a new corporate website.

In another first-in-my-career moment, I was grateful to outsource the project and bring in a professional website agency. Once again, this served as a great learning experience as I was able to gather knowledge of outsourcing a large project and managing vendors.

From vendor selection to strategy mapping to design elements, I oversaw the project from concept to launch.

I not only acted as the liaison between various leadership team members, IT team member and the website agency, but I also wrote all of the website copy and selected the imagery.

After a few months of building, testing and proof reading, I was able to help the company simplify and modernize its corporate website.

COVID-19 Marketing Campaign

When COVID-19 hit, we embarked upon a marketing campaign for one of our business lines. Historically, this business line performs exceptionally well in economic hardships due to the outsourced business model.

Knowing this and wanting to begin planning for the moment of opportunity, we began crafting a campaign that would extend across all digital channels.

Alongside my fellow marketing colleagues, we wrote a series of four blog posts, created several infographics, wrapped all of the content up into an eBook and then gated it on our website. Of course we then pulled the various components through to our social media channels.

As somewhat of a standalone effort of this campaign due to internal complexities, we also created prospecting emails for the sales team to use when positioning this solution.